How to highlight and get the perfect shape of eyebrows

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Perfect eyebrows are not just the desire of people who are not born with a perfect brow but almost every other woman in the world. Highlighting and getting sharp eyebrows is trendy and gaining too much importance these days. It helps to define the entire face along with giving perfect shape to the eyes. A lot of powders and makeup stuff are available nowadays to define the eyebrows and bridge up the gap between uneven start points and endings. Well, making eyebrows darker and sharper helps to catch the attention of many people.

So, here is the complete guide of how to shape your eyebrows in a perfect manner:

  • It is not at all a lengthy process. It just requires your 5 minutes and you are all set to rock a party.
  • Your eyebrows must be clean and dry before starting the procedure.
  • Brush up the eyebrows to find out the gaping and to soften any kind of harsh line it has.
  • Look at the right frame of the eyebrow. The arch on it is the actual focus point. We should aim at making it prominent and bolder.
  • Let’s get started with the arch.
  • Make it darker and bolder slowly going ahead towards the inner edges.
  • To make it look more natural, do it towards inside getting it lighter and lighter but not completely inside.
  • Now start filling it.
  • Now taking an angular brush, give a complete look with eye shadow. Something not completely black because it looks artificial. Choose the colour according to your complexion and the requirement.
  • Focus on the edges, give a final touch! Making it natural enough.
  • Now repeat the same thing on the other side.
  • You will find that your eye brows are edgy and sleek and right on fleek but yet natural.
  • However, to make them more prominent and clear, highlight the area around the eyebrow with a translucent powder.
    Things to keep in mind:
  • Do not use a black pencil colour to fill the eyebrow, it looks so artificial and over done.
  • Avoid overdoing of makeup.
  • Don’t over do eyebrows.

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