How to have the perfect base makeup for dry skin

Dry skin causes much havoc while applying any makeup on it. It tends to form patches on the skin which eventually cracks and causes major makeup blunders. Well, we all want to have the right skin type and the best products to prep our skin for makeup. It is very necessary for all of us to know our skin type. The dry and dehydrated skin needs more attention to hide those dry patches and bring about an evenness on the skin. Usually, makeup on dry skin tends to get a break. Thus, it is necessary to take actions well in advance to make your skin look more radiant and flawless.

So here is step by step guide to applying the perfect base on the dry skin:

  1. Use a hydrating mist on the face, to provide a misty and well hydrating look to the face. Massage it gently all over the face.
  2. Now apply some primer is good for skin it’s also a kind of skin treatment. It helps to give a refreshing look to the skin.
  3. Next step is to apply a face serum. Usually, we apply the serum after moisturising but in the case of dry skin, we apply it before moisturiser.
  4. It’s time to moisturise the skin to remove the dry patches.
  5. Now you will find your skin well hydrated and not feel any dry patch on it.
  6. So let’s start with a foundation.
  7. Again we have to take a foundation which is moisturising in nature, so something that probably contains sheer butter is good to go.
  8. So as suggested tipple and blend. Keep blending it by the side. Do not forget the edges of the nose blend it smooth. Apply some product on the forehead. Make sure you don’t remove the product rather even it throughout the skin.
  9. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the face.
  10. Keep blending it with the hairline and the neck to give an even tone.
    You will notice that your face is evenly covered without giving it a cake look. It mixes absolutely perfect with the skin.
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