How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye Look With Some Simple Steps

Smokey eyes are so much in trend. People usually think it is difficult, but if you know the right trick it is not that difficult. All you need to do is practice it regularly to know the trick and then you don’t need a makeup artist to do it. You can simply move your perfect hands over your eyes by following few steps correctly. For making the smokey eye look, you need to have the right product with you like 2-3 shades of eyeshadows, eye brushes, kohl(kajal) and mascara.

Here is the step by step guide to get the perfect smokey eye look:

  1. Starting with kajal. Apply a thin layer of Kajal onto the upper eyelids roughly. Make sure your kajal is smudgy so that it blends well.
  2. Start blending your kajal with a flat blush gently.
  3. Put some more kajal towards the edges and now blend it with a fluffy brush along the crease line back and forth.
  4. The trick to do smokey eyes is moving the hands gently and lightly.
  5. Now you can see you have a nice base.
  6. It’s time to use the eyeshadow now.
  7. Use a black eyeshadow mixing it with brown. With very light handed approach blend it throughout the eyelid.
  8. Now take the brown above it as an additional colour. Move your hands back and forth lightly.
  9. Put the highlighter on the brow bone.
  10. Coming towards inside. We can now intensify black further.
  11. If you want to glam it further, you can take a light colour eyeshadow, and put it right in the centre of your eyelids.
  12. Further, you can use some kind of hydrating spray and blend it.
  13. To give it a finishing look you can apply mascara to highlight your eyelashes and give them a fuller look.

It’s a bit tricky process, so you need to practice and make yourself perfect.

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