How to get the perfect shape of the lips using a lipstick

Getting the perfect shape of the lips while applying a lipstick is indeed a tricky task. You need to have expert hands to do it correctly. However, most of us struggle in doing so. You have to agree that making the perfect shape of the lips and highlighting them is not that easy. You need to practice a lot to move your hands with ease and perfection. There are several steps involved in getting the right shape of the lip by using a lipstick. All you need to know is the right procedure and the trick. So you need a lip balm or a lip moisturiser, lip liner of your choice, an appropriate lipstick shade, a lipstick brush and may be a lip gloss.

Here is the step by step guide to get the perfect shape of the lips using a lipstick:

  1. First of all, moisturise your lips, like you moisturise your skin. It is the foremost and the most important step. You should not miss it, otherwise, you will see breaks and chapped marks on your lips. Moisturising helps in the smooth movement of the colour on the lips and gives a better finishing look.
  2. Now, use a lip liner, to make an outline of your lips neatly. In order to get a fine line, just press the tip of the lip liner. It will help to give a good finishing and make a darker line. Start with your lower lip and mark the middle line first.
  3. You will get a reference line with a help of which, now you will shape your lips completely. Connect these lines to highlight the lips throughout.
  4. You must mark your cupid bow correctly. You can either keep it curvy or edgy, depending upon your choice. But make sure it’s proper throughout.
  5. Then lastly fill the lips with the liner and then apply lipstick of an appropriate shade.
  6. Always prefer to use a brush for the outer side of the lips to make it even and blend it smooth.
  7. If you want to give a fuller look to your lips, you may apply a lip gloss. It also helps to give a fresh look to the lips.

You need to practice a lot to reach perfection. Well, it’s not that tough.

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