How To Get Perfect Ombre Bold Lips

Ombre shades are very much in fashion these days. From hair to lips, everyone just wants to go ombre. It is a good blend of two shades of a particular colour which tends to enhance your lips. Using one colour on lips is quite boring and out of fashion these days. Ombre lips are all about layering the different shades on the lips one after the other. But the only trick is to blend them evenly so that they look appealing and attractive at the same time. Experimenting is the new trend, so let’s try to do ombre bold lips.

Here is the step by step guide for making ombre bold lips:

  1. The first and the foremost step is to moisturise your lips and smack it. It helps in giving the smooth finishing to your lips without having any breaks on the lips.
  2. Use a dark pink lip liner. Press its tip so that it gives a good finishing.
  3. Make an outline of your lips using a lip liner.
  4. Fill it inside. Now darken the edges as this area need more attention.
  5. The area which is left, we will fill it with a lighter colour.
  6. Since we are aiming at making it bolder we have to add the corner as well.
  7. So you need to have a dark lipstick for the edges and a lipstick brush to make it fine and crisp.
  8. Add darker colour on the tips of the lips, filling in the details and enhancing it.
  9. Here we have targeted the lower lip and enhanced it. You can also enhance both the upper and lower lips simultaneously.
  10. But make sure you blend the shades well so that they do not look awkward.

You need to follow the right trick to get the ombre lips. A slight mistake will blunder your look. So have patience and do it properly by following the instructions.

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