How to do the perfect Bohemian makeup

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Bohemian look is the talk of the town for a long period now. Everyone is forgetting about the cliche ways of makeup and trying to experiment with something new and trendy. However, bohemian look and style are so much in trend now. Bohemian look is an art in itself and all the art lovers adore it genuinely. The best things about the bohemian look is you can mend it according to the occasion and the need for the event. Bohemian look is alot about playing with colours so that you get a perfect look. It does not need a specific trick to be executed. All you need is a good pinch of colours. (Also read: How to apply concealer correctly)

Here is a step by step guide to get the perfect bohemian look:

Once you are done with the eye liner and eye brows. It’s then the time to apply some colours to enhance your look.

  1. Let’s start with green.
  2. So, as you have already done your eye liner, let’s play with eye shadows only.
  3. Spread the green all over the eyelids. Intensify it further with similar colour eye shadow to make it look more prominent.
  4. Now blend it on the edges, we can use something glittery on the edges like silver or gold.
  5. Use a dark green pencil to make a division between silver and green. Making a line through.
  6. Do the same on the other side.
  7. Adding a coloured mascara. Don’t pump it, always roll around to take the product.
  8. Now it’s time to paint the lips, so take a purple lipstick. (Also read: How to apply the perfect winged eye liner)

You will get the perfect bohemian look. You can use other colours too, as per your attire and the choice. Moreover, the choice of colours also depends upon the event you are going to. Here we have used light purple lipstick to subtle down the look. You can go for neons or other seasonal colours as well. Make sure your attire too matches with your makeup otherwise, it will look messed up. (Also read: How To Do Nude Eye Make Up)

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