How To Contour The Cheeks Perfectly

Contouring has been much in trend in recent times. Everyone is going gaga over contouring their facial features. Contouring basically involves three steps that have to be done rightly. It’s a bit tricky task to do contouring perfectly as it needs expert hands. A little dedication and practice can make you do wonders while you contour your face. All you need for contouring is 3 products – Bronzer, highlighter and blusher and it involves 3 steps bronzing, highlighting and blushing. The basic rule of contouring is blending. So keep blending the product nicely so that your facial features do not look awkward and artificial.
Step by step guide to contouring:

  1. You need a bronzer and an angular brush.
  2. Make sure you take the product in your brush and deposit it in your hairline coming towards the inside blend it well.
  3. Blending is very important because if it’s dark it does not look good.
  4. Now take the blusher, move it in a circular motion with the flatter side of the brush.
  5. Apply it only on the apples of your cheeks, going towards the temples and blending it with the bronzer.
  6. Repeat the same on the another side. Do not forget to blend. Intensify the area so that it pushes the area back which is very prominent and bulky. Thus making them look thinner.
  7. Blend some blush near the jaw line. It should match with your complexion.
  8. Squeeze your brush and make it thinner and apply it on the bone of the nose.
  9. Use a small brush to blend the blusher further near the nose and the eye area to give the sharper look to the nose.
  10. Now highlighting the features with a fluffy brush, only those areas which you want to make more prominent and bring in focus, like the nose bone, the cheek bones.
  11. Don’t go towards inside, just the tips of the cheek bones and blend it well along with the temples.
  12. A bit on the brow bones and also over the cupid bow of the lips.
  13. Keep the shape real and highlight a bit.

You need to practice a little more to get the perfect contouring trick.

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