How to apply the perfect winged eye liner

Everyone wants to get that perfect wing shape while putting the eyeliner, but most of them struggle. Well, it’s tricky and tough, you need to have a good practice of it to do it with ease. Winged eyeliner is so much in fashion for a long time now. You don’t have to do much makeup if you are giving your eye a winged look. Just the right shape of your eyeliner and you are all set and party ready. Making a winged eyeliner may sound difficult but trust us, we can suggest you the easiest trick to give those perfect wings to your eyes within no time.

Here is a step by step guide for making a perfect winged eyeliner:

  1. First of all, you should try to look straight into the mirror without much blinking your eyes much.
  2. Now take a liquid eyeliner and mark few points on the suggested places.
  3. You should mark a point near the starting of the iris, one on the pupil and one at the end of the eye.
  4. After this, you have to mark one point where your crease ends and another in between the edge of the eyes and the edge of the brows. Make sure you connect these two points simultaneously.
  5. Now you have to connect the points right from the centre to the second and then third.
  6. It’s the time when you should join the fifth and the third point making a perfect wing.
  7. Refill your eyeliner brush and mark the line smooth and darker.

To give your eyes an extra oomph factor you can give a finishing look to your eyes by using a mascara. Do not use Kohl in your eyes if you don’t want to highlight them much. You can skip this step. But don’t forget to highlight your brows, as they are the most eye-catching feature on your face. Even if you wear spectacles, you can highlight your eyebrows, it will look more classy.

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