How To Apply The Blush Perfectly

People often struggle while applying the blusher on the face. There is a specific trick to apply concealer on the cheeks to avoid any blunder while you do the final touch up. Usually, the problem lies with choosing the amount of blush on the cheeks. A little more than required can lead to cheeks look like tomatoes. Thus, you should know the right technique and also match up your makeup to the timings of the occasion you are going. So here is a complete guide to how you should apply your blush and how much should you apply.

Step by step guide to blush application on cheeks:

  1. Do not be in a hurry while you apply blusher on your cheeks.
  2. Do it slowly by gradually intensifying it.
  3. Move your hands slowly and do not put all the blusher at one time. Take a little of it and brush it on gently.
  4. It’s best to first apply a thin layer or a sheer later and if you think it’s too light then you can put some more on your cheeks.
  5. Smile as you can see the apples of the cheeks. This is the main focus point,
  6. Blushing is all about plumping this area.
  7. Take a flatter side of the brush and move your hands in circular motion.
  8. Once you are done with the circular movement now move your hands back and forth going towards temples.
  9. Make sure you keep it natural and light if you are going for a day event.
  10. If it’s a night party you can put a bit more on the cheeks.
  11. Blend it well and intensify it more on the corners.
  12. Don’t forget to blend because that is the key thing.
  13. Intensify on the edges and keep blending it.
  14. You will see the highlighting apples of your cheeks.
  15. If you think you have overdone it, you can lighten it up with powder or a cotton.
  16. Make sure you don’t completely rub it off from the face.

Choose the blushing shade wisely. Don’t just contrast it absolutely with your own skin tone and the attire you are wearing.

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