How to apply concealer correctly

Concealer is a necessary step while prepping up your skin as a party ready skin. It helps to cover the dark areas and the imperfections in order to get a flawless and radiant skin. It even helps to hide the signs of ageing and the wrinkled skin. Without applying a concealer the skin looks grey in colour and usually gives an imperfect look. Finding an appropriate concealer according to the weather and your own skin type is a tough task. For that, you need to know your skin better. Some people have well-hydrated skin while others have oily skin. Thus, the choice of concealer varies as per the individual need of the skin.

How to apply concealer?
You have to make sure you are opting for the right type of concealer to hide the shadow areas, chin area, dark circles etc.

  1. Don’t use the concealer right below the eyes, the skin usually here is a little darker, so take a different tone of foundation to give it a finished look.
  2. Apply in it the lip area, forehead, chin in order to balance the skin tone evenly.
  3. Do not use the concealer right below the water line, just below it.
  4. Make sure you don’t blend the product at first.
  5. Dab the product gently. Don’t remove the product.
  6. Move your hands gently and then start blending the product with light strokes of the brush.
  7. Don’t use the concealer over the eyes, it will tend to crease. So apply eye shadow on the eye lids to avoid any breakage. In order to highlight the eyes, you can apply some foundation and then cover it up using an eye shadow.
  8. A little bit concealer on the brow bone is necessary to put in order to give it a complete and finished look.

You will gradually see that your face does not look over done and it’s completely natural and flawless.

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