How to apply base on oily skin

An oily skin causes much disappointment whenever one tries to apply makeup. The makeup tends to bleed and look shiny all the time. It gives your face a greasy look which is not at all likeable by the people. First of all, the fault lies in choosing the appropriate product. You need to choose your vanity kit wisely according to your skin type to avoid the major blunders. Oily skin tends to secrete oil itself. Thus, it is utmost important that you use the right oil-free product and apply it with a trick to avoid the situation of makeup bleeding.

Here is the step by step guide to follow while applying makeup on oily skin:

  1. Make sure you prep your skin well, before applying any makeup on it.
  2. So, start with a cleanser which is oil free. Always wipe your face off with a cleanser to get away with dust and pollutants.
  3. Apply a primer which is oil-free. Take a bit of it on your tips and massage it all over the face evenly.
  4. It’s a time when you should moisturise your skin. No matter your skin is oily, you have to use an oil-free moisturiser to give a perfect look to the skin. Make sure, it’s an oil controlling moisturiser.
  5. When your skin is completely ready to apply some makeup, you should then choose the right foundation for your skin.
  6. Take some foundation on a brush and stipple and blend it on the face. Do not apply much on your forehead, as this area is slightly darker than the rest of the face.
  7. Keep blending it nicely all over the face. Make sure you blend the foundation evenly with the hairline and also with the neckline.
  8. You will notice a difference in your skin.
  9. To give it a finished look and if you are not in a mood to apply any makeup further, you can simply use a face powder. Brushing your face with the strokes of face the powder will ensure no oil builds up later in the day.

Try to use an oil-free and a matte finished product to avoid any blunders to your perfect day.

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