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How to have the perfect base makeup for dry skin

How to have the perfect base makeup for dry skin

Dry skin is hard to be managed as it shows the dry patches on the skin after makeup. Maintaining good and perfect makeup on the skin is really important to avoid any makeup blunders. All you need to know is the right skin type and the trick to prep your skin for the radiant and flawlessness.

How To Apply The Blush Perfectly

How To Apply The Blush Perfectly

Applying the blush properly on the cheeks is the most tricky task. You don’t have to overdo it nor you have to do it less. It has to be apt according to the occasion you are going to. Some people do major blunders by over highlighting their cheeks and turning them as red as blood.

How To Get Smokey Eye Look Using Kajal

How To Get Smokey Eye Look Using Kajal

Smokey eyes are so much in trend these days. But usually, it takes a lot of time to do the smokey eye look. But using kajal and doing the smokey eyes is quite simple and less time-consuming.

How to do the perfect Bohemian makeup

How to do the perfect Bohemian makeup

Bohemian look is now the most trendy and funky look. It requires the right choice of colours and playful hands to get the right look. Bohemian look is an art in itself and requires the right trick to do it. It can be variated according to the need and the demand of the occasion.

How to apply base on oily skin

How to apply base on oily skin

Oily skin is the most difficult to handle. Carrying makeup on oily skin can be risky as it tends to bleed after a certain point of time. It’s all due to the natural oil that builds up on the skin and makes the skin look greasy and unappealing. You need to choose the right product for your oily skin and apply the makeup in the right manner.

How to apply concealer correctly

How to apply concealer correctly

Concealing is one important step while doing makeup. Skipping on this step makes the skin look grey. But there are many people who still struggle to apply the concealer correctly.

How to apply the perfect winged eye liner

How to apply the perfect winged eye liner

Winged eyeliner is much in trend these days. You need the right trick and technique to give your eyes that perfect look. While it’s so much in fashion and demand these days, it is equally important to do it perfectly.

How to highlight and get the perfect shape of eyebrows

How to highlight and get the perfect shape of eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most attractive feature on our face. A perfect eyebrow can catch the attention of many. It makes a person feel good inside out when they have done their eyebrows in a perfect manner. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps and do it right yourslef.

How To Do Nude Eye Make Up

How To Do Nude Eye Make Up

When you don’t want to go for bold makeup and like to keep it subtle and minimal, you should always switch to nude makeup. It usually emphasises on highlighting your features with lighter shades keeping them light and subtle.

How To Contour The Cheeks Perfectly

How To Contour The Cheeks Perfectly

Contouring needs the right trick and the right approach to be done. It basically involves three steps that have to be done rightly. Contouring involves bronzing, blushing and highlighting your features using the appropriate products. All you need to do is practice a lot to get the hands perfectly on contouring.