What is the myth of spot reduction

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Since a very long time, people are believing in the myth of spot reduction. Spot reduction means working upon a particular area to reduce the fat. But the actual truth is there is nothing called spot reduction. Markets are flooded with such products that promise fake fat reduction. Belts, gels, creams, massaging machines that promise to burn the fat of a particular area is nothing but a marketing strategy.

Why is spot reduction a myth?
Spot reduction is a myth, as it is not possible to remove the fat cells from a particular area. While a person works out, there is a movement in the entire body and muscles. Working out means involving the entire body muscles and parts. Thus it is impossible to reduce fat from that particular area. However, spot increment is possible. Spot increment means working on a particular muscle group in order to grow some fat over there. Like people do arms to build up their biceps and triceps.

For example, many women want to reduce their lower body fat. Their gym instructor might suggest them to start doings crunches. Crunches, in a way, lay stress on the abs and tones the body. Gradually you will notice that you have got better abs but that doesn’t mean that all the other body parts will remain same. While you were working on your abs your entire body was making a movement that employed energy throughout the body. Many health experts have been trying to highlight this myth time and again. But a large number of products in the markets and their appealing advertisements dismay the customers.

It is a general appeal to people, that before relying on any of the advertisement and keeping false expectations, one must cross check the facts. There are products in the market which help to gain fat but to reduce fat with artificial things it is not possible.

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