How To Perform Push Ups And What Are Its Benefits

Push-ups are one of the most conventional forms of exercises. It is highly practised by everyone who is hitting the gym. However, it is so easy to perform that people who don’t go the gym, also practice the same at home. It is performed by raising and lowering the body using the arms. Besides this, it is an entire body functional movement which helps to increase strength and has the added benefit of engaging the core and lower body. It is one of the best bodyweight movements and very good to strengthen the upper body. (Also read: How To Do The Best Dumbbell Workout At Home)

How to do push-ups in the most appropriate manner?

  1. In order to do a conventional push-up. You have to lie down on your stomach.
  2. Place your feet together, palms firmly planted on the floor and in alignment with your collarbone.
  3. Keeping your whole body tight and butt contracted, you begin to lift up your body and start pushing up.
  4. Inhaling we go down.
  5. And exhaling we come up.

What not do while doing a push-up:
Dropping your hips down and then doing push-ups. If you do not utilise the muscles to the full ability, it won’t be serving you any good. Thus make sure you do it in a proper manner without any mistakes. However, for people who do not have enough arm strength to do a full push-up can do it in a simpler form. So stay on your knees and go flat on your stomach. Palms aligned with collarbone exerting force you start getting up exhaling. You can do 3 repetitions and 5 sets of the same. (Also read: How to make your cardio workout most effective)

Here are some of the benefits of doing push-ups:

Prevents lower back injury: Push-ups help to strengthen the lower body in such a way that it prevents injury of the lower back. It makes the lower back strong, so lifting heavy objects or doing tough tasks are not difficult.

Improves body posture: Performing push-ups daily helps to improve the overall torso completely. It not only helps in getting a good shape of your back but also improves the body posture as a whole. (Also read: What is the myth of spot reduction)

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