How to make your cardio workout most effective

Cardio workout is one of the basic gym exercises. People are well aware of the benefits of cardio exercises but they are often confused when it comes to implementation. They usually can’t make out what they should do and what should not. There are a lot of exercises when it comes to cardio workout, but which one is the best and when to do cardio is usually the common concern of all. Cardio is one type of exercise that is best if done regularly. No matter if it is your leg day, chest day or shoulders, one should also start working out with a little bit of effective cardio.

So here are some of the best cardio exercises that can be done even in the middle of your working sets:

Jumping jacks: Though jumping jacks are one of easiest workout exercises, it helps to lose weight effectively. But before coming into the jumping jack position, one must do proper stretching in order to make the body come in motion. While we jump, a lot of stress comes on our head, thus it is necessary that one should take some prior exercises before taking up jumping jack. There is no compulsion that you have to go to the gym to carry this exercise out.

Step up on the box: This exercise requires a Plyometric box which is available in different sizes. This box is either made up of metal or of wood. This is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise. The best part about this exercise is, it stretches the hamstrings and glutes to a great level. You don’t necessarily require to go to the gym for carrying out this exercise. You can even perform it at home.

High knees: High knees is one of the most beneficial exercises for athletes and runners. It helps to make body flexible and strengthens knees and legs. There are various variations of this exercise, depending upon the requirement. It is an effective cardio workout exercise for people who want to do certain variations in their fitness regime.

All these above-stated exercises do not require a separate time to be done. One can do them in the middle of their existing workout plan. Like if you are working out on your chest area and you have to do 4 sets. in between those 4 sets, you can do your cardio workout to maximize the fat reduction without wasting time.

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