How to make muscular shoulders with the help of dumbbells

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The power of the upper part of the body depends on the strength of your shoulders. The strengthening of your shoulders increases the ability to do any exercise, as well as fitness. Strong and muscular shoulders make your personality attractive. You do not need a barbel or machine to make the shoulders strong and muscular, but with the help of a dumbbell, you can make your shoulders magnificent. (Also read: How To Do The Best Dumbbell Workout At Home)

Let us know what exercises can be done with the help of a dumbbell to strengthen the shoulders.

Side Lateral Raise

Side lateral raise strengthen your lateral muscles, which are on the outer part of the shoulders. To do this, grab the dumbbells in both hands and make the legs wide. Now raise your hands on both sides, raise the dumbbell and bring the parallel to the shoulders. While exercising, keep your breaths continuously in and out. Practice 10 rep of this exercise.

Front Raise Exercise

Front raise exercise makes the front of your shoulders strong and muscular. To practice this exercise, take a dumbbell in both hands and lift it towards your front. When your hands reach the ends of the shoulders then take them back down. Exercise with a light dumbbell in the beginning, because lifting a heavy dumbbell can make your body deteriorate. Take out your breath while lifting the dumbbell. Practice 10 rep of this exercise. (Also read: How to do warm up using a PVC pipe)

Upright Row

Upright row exercise boosts the strength of the delt and traps muscles on both sides. To do this, take a dumbbell in both hands and put it in front of your feet, now bring these dumbbells in the same position to the upper part of the chest. Keep in mind that you are leaving the breath while lifting the dumbbell. Practice 10 rep of this exercise.

Neutral Dumbbell Press

This exercise strengthens your shoulders and also effects on the triceps and chest. To do this, pick up the dumbbell with both hands and bring it to the shoulders equal to that your elbows come in an angle of 90 degrees. Now lift the dumbbell and move it straight on the head, then bring it back to the state. Lean the breath out while carrying the hands up and drag it inside while bringing it down. Practice 10 rep of this exercise. (Also read: How to do crunch in the most effective way)

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