How To Get Triceps By Doing Simple Exercises

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Triceps workout is must if you are planning to gain a muscular body. Triceps is that part of the body which has maximum muscles and need to be toned up to get the perfect shape. The muscles on the back side of the arms are triceps muscles. However, many people have the misconception that only gym workout and machines can help in building good triceps. But actually, the fact is, triceps exercises can be done anywhere and you need not visit gym necessarily. There are certain effective triceps exercises which can be easily performed at home. But you need to be extra careful and cautious while you workout. Any mishandling can pull the wrong muscle and eventually lead to injury. (Also read: How To Perform Push Ups And What Are Its Benefits)

Listed below are two triceps exercises that can be easily done at home:

Triceps body extension: This exercise can either be done on the railings of the house or the barbell of the gym. Make sure your hands are fully contracted. If you are doing this at home, you should make sure that the railing is at the same height as shown in the video. Do not move your arms in an inappropriate position, otherwise, it will lead to injuries.

Diamond shaped triceps: Your hands should be in proper position. Keep your hands in a diamond shape. So place your thumb and fingers accordingly. This is known as diamond pushups. Make sure a proper stretch comes to your arms and your triceps muscle gets a proper pull. However, make sure that the placement of hands is proper. You need not go to the gym to perform the exercise. It can easily be done on the floor. (Also read: How to make your cardio workout most effective)

We must note a fact that both these exercises are very good triceps mass builder if done properly. Both these exercises are easy and do not necessarily need gym or gym instructor. (Also read: Different foods that lead to weight gain)

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