How to do warm up using a PVC pipe

Warm up is one of the basic and an essential step of working out in a gym. One could not do an effective workout without a proper warm up session. People usually get bored of doing the same type of exercises daily and eventually it becomes ineffective as well. Hence, one should try to do warm up exercises in an innovative manner. Ignoring effective warm up exercises can lead to injuries, therefore one should not skip this basic step. In order to make it more effective and fun to do, you can use one of the most inexpensive and easily available equipment. A PVC pipe is an equipment with which one can do effective warm up in an efficient manner. (Also read: How to do a perfect squats)

Here are few warm up exercises using a PVC pipe:
A PVC pipe is light and easily available. It is very effective to do a lower body warm up. So here we are going to do 3 repetitions of each exercise to have an effective warm up session.

Swings: Swings are one of the easiest and the essential exercise to do the lower body warm up. Swing your leg to and fro using a PVC pipe as a support. You can move your leg back and forth with the help of a PVC pipe. It helps in the improvement of blood circulation inside the body. Now bring the PVC pipe in front and move your legs from left to right. It helps in bringing hips, quadriceps and flexors all in proper movement. (Also read: How to do Plyometric Workout)

Shoulder Exercise: Moving to the upper body, hold the PVC pipe a little broad if you are a beginner. Once you start working out and improve the flexibility fo your body, you will be able to hold the PVC pipe with a narrow grip. It targets the shoulders, arms, back and the complete torso.

Tricep exercise: Hold the PVC right behind your back, just parallel to your spine. Pull it up and down. Make sure you are not exerting too much force. It may lead to injury. One should keep in mind that the stretch must be painless and should not lead to any kind of injury.

Spine stretching: Bend forward, keeping the PVC pipe right on your back, across the shoulders. It is advisable to hold the stretch for 15 seconds in order to feel the same. (Also read: How to do crunch in the most effective way)

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