How To Do The Best Dumbbell Workout At Home

Using dumbbells while working out is one of the most effective exercises. If you have dumbbells at home, you need not go to the gym and you can perform an effective workout at home only. Sometimes, we do not have a bench to perform an effective exercise. Thus we usually skip on doing a stable movement with dumb bells. But it can be done easily using the floor. If you know the right trick, you need not have a bench, all you need is just dumb bells. So here we are performing three variations using dumb bells with targets the chest muscles from three different angles. (Also read: How to do a perfect squats)

The best dumb bell workout that can be done at home are:

Floor press: It is one of the highly recommended exercises with the help of a dumbbell. It helps to bring an intensive stretch in the triceps and will help you to build up muscles at a faster speed. Doing the dumbbell floor press does not lead to injury and reduces the chances of back pain. It can either be done using to dumb bells or initially one can target using a single dumb bell. You have to lie down with a straight back and knees folded. Hold the dumbbells and move them up and down simultaneously. DO not lose your concentration as it may lead to injury.

Chest floor fly: Lie down on the floor with two dumbbells. Now move your hands keeping your shoulders straight. Make sure your elbows touch the ground with the dumb bells along with them. Make sure your weight is equally divided between the two dumbbells equally. It is one of the most effective exercises done using a dumbbell and floor. (Also read: How to do Plyometric Workout)

Floor pullovers: Dumbbell pullover exercise is one of the most effective exercises. Lie down straight on the floor. Make sure your back is straight. Take a dumbbell in one hand, and move it up and down above your hand, Try to touch the ground with a dumbbell in the hand. Hold the dumbbell tightly. Also, make sure you don’t lose your concentration as it may lead to injury. Inhale and exhale while you move your hands. (Also read: What are the top 5 gym blunders)

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