How to do stretching exercise using a gym ball

Stretching is one of the most important and crucial exercise to get a toned body. It is one of the few basic exercises that people should start doing as soon as they decide to hit the gym. Stretching helps to improve the flexibility and gain the balance of the body. It helps to release the tight muscles that become stiff while people do weight training or muscle building exercises. Stretching can be done in various ways and techniques. Gym ball is one of the best ways to do stretching exercise.

While doing the exercise on the gym ball, all the important muscles of the body come into a movement like lower back, quads, hamstrings, neck, calves etc. It is a wonderful way of stretching with a little fun with the gym ball. It is also very relaxing that can bring you at happy cool down after a hectic workout.

Steps to do stretching on the gym ball:

  1. Sit comfortably on the gym ball.
  2. Place your feet firmly on the ground.
  3. Slowly slide forward at the same point lie down on the ball.
  4. Stretch your hand back over the ball.
  5. Slowly stretch downwards/inwards after the stretch is complete.
  6. Now gradually come back to a stand still position.

Benefits of stretching on the gym ball:
Stretching helps the body to gain flexibility. It even helps to reduce the possibility of injury. It also gives relief to the prolonged injury or pain in back or legs. Stretching requires less energy but it is one of the greatest ways of improving the flow of the blood. Besides this, it helps to gain a proper body posture. However, people who are suffering from soreness in muscles should also do stretching to get instant relief and move their body parts. If stretching is done continuously with taking care of a perfect diet, then it helps to bring the cholesterol level of the person back to normal. Moreover, it ultimately provides energy to the body.

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