How to do Plyometric Workout

Plyometric Workout is unlike the traditional muscle building exercises. It refers to more fast and quick exercises that exert great force. The traditional way of muscle building had stereotypical ways of doing exercises. If you seriously want to do an effective lower body workout, then plyometric workout is your go to way. It involves more dynamic moves than in a normal fitness training. Thus, plyometric workout saves the time by making the existing workout session more effective.

How to do Plyometric workout:
There are a lot of exercises that fall under the category of a Plyometric workout. The variations in the workout must be according to your level of fitness training. The two basic plyometric exercises are mentioned below.

Box step up: This is one of the easiest plyometric workouts if you are a pro in fitness training. This is a simple workout, you just need to step up on the box with alternate legs. Make sure you step up firmly on the box. Do not come on your toes while you step up on the box.

Box jump ups: This is an extreme exercise when it comes to plyometric workout. Gradually, jump on the box and step down. You need to be extra careful while you perform this exercise. It is best to perform under the guidance of a gym expert to avoid any injuries. Do not do this exercise for more than 2 days a week. Ensure you are doing 3 sets of 10 reps each. To make it more effective, try to jump at a faster pace and as quickly as you can.

Benefits of plyometric workout:
Plyometric helps in making the muscles, tendons and nerves more active. It can be performed by making variations in the set workout pattern. If your body needs power and force, then your muscles out to be very strong. It helps in making the muscle contraction faster by making the fast twitch fibre of the body stronger. It also helps to improve the elasticity of the body by improving the movement of the tendons. The contraction and relaxation of muscles depend upon the efficiency of the nervous system. The more efficient the nervous system, more will be the pace of movement of muscles. Thus, athletes and sports persons are involved more into the plyometric workout.

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