How to do planks in perfect way

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Plank is highly effective for increasing the overall strength of the body. It strengthens your core muscles, strengthens hands, shoulders, waist and feet. This exercise also improves the physical balance of the body. Plank is very beneficial to strengthen the abs. Plank is one of the best exercises for core strength. But if they are not done properly then it will hurt the body and will not provide the desired results. The plank can be done in many ways. (Also read: Exercises to get perfect Biceps)

So let us know how to practice Planks correctly.

Full Plank

To do this, first sit down on your knees. After that put the palms on the floor. Keeping palms on the floor, keep in mind that shoulders and palm are in the same line.

After that keep your elbow tight. Now place the weight of your lower body on your feet. Stay in this position for some time.

Benefits of Full Plank

Staying in this position provide many benefits to the body. It will help the body to maintain balance. Full Plank is very beneficial to strengthen core muscles. (Also read: Hanging Exercises to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles)

Elbow Plank

Those who have weak hands can practice this to the plank by placing elbows on the floor. For better results, you have to stay in this position for some time.

To practice this, place your elbow on the floor instead of palms. After that, keep the weight of the lower body part on your feet. Keep your body tight while doing this and stay in this position for a while. This helps your body to maintain the balance.

Avoid these mistakes while doing planks

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