How to do crunch in the most effective way

Crunches are one of the most effective cardio exercises. It helps to lay focus on the abdominal muscles and also helps to get strong legs. Though people are well aware of the benefits of crunches, still some people struggle in getting the exact trick of doing the same. We should keep in mind that a slight mistake while doing any exercise can cost us a lot. Thus, it is necessary that we get the right trick to do it.

Benefits of doing crunches:

Crunches are a very good exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is one of the simplest exercises and does not involve many techniques. All you need is to perform it correctly by following some simple steps. It helps to burn out maximum calories and get a perfect figure. It is really helpful for the sports person to increase their leg stamina.

Steps to do a perfect crunch:

  1. While doing a conventional crunch, lie down flat on your back.
  2. Fold your knees in order to avoid any injury.
  3. Put your hands behind your head in order to support it and avoid any kind of a jerk in the neck.
  4. You should pull your belly button towards your spine to prepare yourself for the crunches.
  5. Now gradually move your abdominal and lift your shoulders off the ground simultaneously.
  6. Your neck should straight and uplifted and your chin must be up.
  7. Make sure you are breathing out while you are exerting force.

When we are getting up that is the point when we are exerting force. Thus, it is the point when one should breath out. It is generally done for the better mind and muscle coordination and to gain the most from your workout session. Not just while doing a crunch but all other exercises require force and breathing coordination.

One should mind that they are not doing just a head crunch. A crunch is not complete unless your shoulder blades are off the ground. Thus, make sure you are in the proper body posture and breathing practice while you do a crunch.

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