How to do a perfect squats

Squats are the foremost and the most fundamental leg exercise that every gym going person undertakes. It helps to improve the body posture and get into perfect shape. It helps to tone up both upper and lower body and make the body flexible. Squats help to improve the muscle and ligament movements. For people who are into sports, squats help them to improve their stamina and ability to excel in their respective area. Moreover, squats are too good to be done that they eventually increase the life span of a person. But most of the people usually commit a mistake while doing this squats which often lead to extreme pain in legs.

So here is the step by step guide of how to do a perfect squat:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly more.
  2. Standing tall begin by squeezing your glutes firmly.
  3. Screwing your feet into the ground.
  4. Have a firm foot hold.
  5. Now start going down as if you are trying to sit behind.
  6. Do not go to the absolute bottom. Staying shy for about few inches, instead of going completely down.
  7. And then bounce back from here.
  8. Make sure you are breathing right. So, while you are coming up you have to breath out.

The frequency of doing squats:
People who are beginning their your lower body strengthening program, they should do it twice a week. And the people who are advancing in their workout can do a minimum of 4 sets of 15 repetitions each. People who are at the advanced level of their functional training, they feel a rapid change in their level of flexibility.

Benefits of doing squats:
Squats help to burn more body fat. It is not only good for athletes and sports person but also for the normal entry. It helps to bring a stretch in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Moreover, doing a squat perfectly helps to get a better body shape and burn more calories. With lower back movement, it helps to improve the bowel movement and eventually helps in the better excretion of waste from the body.

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