Hanging Exercises to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

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hanging exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles

For complete physical strength, the central part of your body must be strong, which is abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles mainly include your abs and oblique muscles. To strengthen abdominal issues, you can do hanging exercises, which make them stronger by putting more pressure on your abs and oblique muscles. For hanging exercises, you all need is a steady bar, which you can use at your own home as well. (Also read: How to do Plyometric Workout)

Let us know which hanging exercises can be done to strengthen the abdominal issues.

Standard Knee raise

Standard knee raise, strengthen them and remove extra fat from your abdominal muscles. This exercise also makes your abs muscular. To practice this, hold the bar equal to the width of the shoulders and bend your knees and lift it upwards. To make it more effective, bring the knees up slowly and keep your waist steady. For better results practice set 3 of 10 reps of this exercise.

Side knee raise

With the help of side knee raise, you can strengthen the muscles on both sides of the abdominal, also called the oblique muscles. With this exercise, you can also remove the fat on both sides of your stomach. To practice this exercise, hold the bar with the width of the shoulders and now take both of your knees to the right and lift them upwards. Then lift the knees on the left side of the same way. Practice 3 set of 10 reps of this exercise for better results. (Also read: What are the top 5 gym blunders)

Swing leg raise

Swing leg raise is slightly easier than the rest of the hanging exercise. This strengthens your abdominal muscles. To do this exercise you will need to maintain a little speed. Hold the bar with the width of the shoulders and lift your legs together and towards the front of the waist. Now let the feet loose and let it fall down, then bring it again without stopping the feet. Practice 3 sets of 10 reps of this exercise for better results. (Also read: How to do stretching exercise using a gym ball)

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