Exercises to get perfect Biceps

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Everyone desires for bigger biceps and strong biceps strengthen the upper arm. Thin biceps are not liked by anyone, so attention is given to most of the biceps in the gym. By doing various types of exercises, biceps can be made brilliant. It is also necessary to take precautions while doing this. So that the risk of injury will be reduced. So let us tell you about exercises to make strong biceps. (Also read: Hanging Exercises to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles)

Dumbbell Exercise

You can also use barbel instead of the dumbbell to make biceps. But the majority of people use a dumbbell to practice biceps exercise. To practice, this exercise stands up straight while holding dumbbells. After that, bring the elbows towards the chest. Do not move the upper part of the hand while doing it. Make 7 reps of it. After this, doing the same way while covering the upper part of the hand, repeat 7 repeats. (Also read: How To Do High Intensity Interval Training with Tabata Method)

After 7 reps, makeup to half the sphere from the bottom of the arm to the top and repeat 7. While doing this, always keep in mind that while breathing force for contraction, breathe out. Do this exercise twice a week, while doing it, exercise more with it. In order to develop the right-hand muscles.

Benefits of biceps exercise:

By doing this, fatigue becomes less, less stress, less chance of injury. You also need to eat healthy food while doing this. It helps in increasing the stamina.


  • Never allow shoulders and elbows to drift forward during biceps exercise.
  • Contract triceps at the bottom of each rep.
  • Always keep wrists aligned during exercise.
  • Keep the back straight.
  • Minimize the use of momentum. (Also read: How To Perform Push Ups And What Are Its Benefits)

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