Exercises to cool down the body after workout

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After heavy workouts and stretching, the body gets exhausted. Following the heavy workout, repairing of muscles and tissues is necessary. The post-workout, cool down exercise is very helpful to recover the body. Cool down exercises are often given less attention. Due to which the body has to face problems many times. It is necessary to practice cool down after exercising just as it is necessary to perform warm-up before exercising. Because you can not quit exercising altogether. This exercise is not okay for the recovery of time. It is necessary to effectively cool down for post-workout recovery. (Also read: How To Get Triceps By Doing Simple Exercises)

Here are the exercises which you can practice to cool down the body.

Sikkiping Rope

Sikkiping rope is effective exercise to cool down the body after a workout. Skipping rope is a part of cardio exercises. This exercise keeps heart healthy. Moreover, it also tones the muscles of upper and lower body.

Jumping Jack

Deep breathing while jumping jacks improves blood circulation and improves the reach of blood and oxygen in your muscles. Moreover, the Jumping jack exercise also enhances flexibility and helps in toning in muscles. (Also read: How to make your cardio workout most effective)

High Knee

The high knee is a very beneficial exercise to cool the body. It helps to strengthen the lower part of the body. Moreover, this exercise also helps in strengthing and endurance of the hip flexors.

Steam Engine Exercise

The Steam Engine Exercise has high knee and upper body movements. It is very beneficial to strengthen the body. This exercise burns more fat from the body and also tone your abs.

Jogging on the Spot

By jogging on the same spot where you are exercising, you do not need resistances to make muscles. By doing this the body gets cooled down. (Also read: How To Do The Best Dumbbell Workout At Home)

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