Different foods that lead to weight gain

Weight gain is the most common problem of people. Usually, people do not know the real cause of their weight gain. Unplanned diet, or eating things which are difficult to digest is one of the main certain foods. It is utmost important when people should realise what are the various foods that lead to weight gain. Intaking more and more of calories and no physical activity induces rapid weight gain. Besides this, every body is different in its own way, some people take a time to digest things while others digest anything or everything easily. Thus, one must know their body type and eat accordingly. So listed below are certain food types that people should avoid in order to stay away from obesity.

Here are 3 most important food types that cause weight gain:

Maida or Refined flour: Maida is produced from the wheat grain. Though wheat grain is healthy, maida comprises of that part which is only made of the starch. Wheat grain as a whole comprises of 3 portions- the germ, the endosperm and the bran. Maida is only made up the endosperm which contains maximum calories, whereas the protein containing healthy portions (germ and the bran) are left behind. Thus, maida is difficult in digestion. Besides the same, it lacks fibre content in it, which causes constipation and eventually leads to weight gain. But maida is one of the highly used refined flour in the Indian kitchen. Naans, bhature and most of the bakery products are made up of maida only. Thus, people should try to avoid these food products in order to efficiently lose weight.

White sugar: White sugar is high on calories. It is a solid carbohydrate which takes a time to break down in the body. Thus it leads to lack of burning calories which causes weight gain. White sugar is one of the addictive substance, which eventually leads in making people long for it. Most of the sugary products either they are some processed drink, cookies, sweets, etc. contain white sugar. Thus we must be careful before consuming sugar products. Instead, people should start consuming brown sugar or natural gur in place of white sugar.

Fried food or junk food: Fried food or junk food are a complete no. Deep fried food products are the enemies of people who are trying to lose weight. Processed food products, oily food products etc. are fatty foods. They are difficult to digest and unhealthy to eat. It does not provide any energy to the body. They just increase the calorie count of the body. Thus, try to consume fried food moderately without over consumption.

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