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make muscular shoulders help dumbbells

How to make muscular shoulders with the help of dumbbells

Strong shoulders increase your overall strength. To make the shoulders strong and muscular, you can also practice dumbbell exercises, which will help to make the shoulders muscular by strengthening your outer and frontal muscles of the shoulder.

how to do planks in perfect way

How to do planks in perfect way

Plank is a very beneficial exercise to strengthen core muscles. It strengthens hands, shoulders and feet. Planck can be done in various ways.

exercise get perfect biceps

Exercises to get perfect Biceps

There are several exercises to strengthen the biceps. By strengthening the biceps, there is a change in personality. Anybody can use dumbbell or barbel to make biceps.

how to do different types of lunges

How to do different types of lunges

It is also very important for your lower body to be strong for the strong body. The lunges exercise proves to be very effective in strengthening the lower part of the body, which strengthens your glutes, quads and hamstring muscles. The lunge exercise can be done in many ways.

hanging exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles

Hanging Exercises to Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

Hanging exercises is the most effective for abdominal issues. It strengthens your abdomen and oblique muscles by straining and pressing them. There are some special hanging exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

exercise to cool down the body after workout

Exercises to cool down the body after workout

After strenuous exercises, it is necessary to practice cool down exercise to recover quickly. If the cooldown exercise is not performed the body starts facing problems. For this, it is necessary to cool down.

How To Get Triceps By Doing Simple Exercises

How To Get Triceps By Doing Simple Exercises

Working on triceps is one of the major phases while you are working out. Doing a normal triceps workout is not that effective. One should try to make innovations while doing triceps workout and gain the most of the short duration work out.

Different foods that lead to weight gain

Different foods that lead to weight gain

There are certain foods that are highly responsible for weight gain. Even though people are well aware of these food products still they do not mind their eating habits and complain about gaining weight. Thus, we should make a note of these foods and try to avoid them as much as one can.

How To Perform Push Ups And What Are Its Benefits

How To Perform Push Ups And What Are Its Benefits

Push-ups are the conventional form of exercise. It is easy to do and is very effective. People who are fitness freak usually know the benefits of push-ups. However, not all know the right trick to do the push-ups correctly.