What Are The Common Pregnancy Worries Which Can Bring Anxiety

What Are The Common Pregnancy Worries Which Can Bring Anxiety

It is a natural instinct among all the pregnant women to worry about the mishaps or wrongs things. That is why sometimes they overlook the actual issues which can actually harm the baby. Being worried is not bad during pregnancy. But it is worse to think about the mishaps only. Just think a little bit more about your reasons for being a concern, are they actually worth? These concerns can make you suffer from anxiety and other mental illnesses which can bring you suffer more and might hinder your health. (Also Read: Common Pregnancy Discomforts And Their Solutions)

Hence, here are some of the wrong things pregnant women thinks which can make them suffer from anxiety. all you pregnant women out there, check with yourself if you are also overly concerned about these things which might be baseless and backfire you by developing anxiety in your mind.

Birth defects:
Birth defects generally mean club foot, webbed toes, heart defects etc. If a pregnant woman does not fall under the unique blood groups as O-negative, AB-negative which are quite rare are less likely to give a defective or a disputed birth. Until and unless your doctor is also concern about your delivery, you can have faith in yourself. However, it is true that some of the new born babies born with diseases like jaundice, diabetes, epilepsy, obesity etc. These are not birth defects. These diseases can be treated. (Also Read: Strange Pregnancy Symptoms You May Not Know)

Miscarriage is very common and popular risk. It happens by external and internal factors both. Doctors say that women under the age 35 have the risk of miscarriage almost 12 percent. But if the age is more than 35 then the chance increases a bit which is near around 18 percent. So, these much chances do not determine that miscarriage can happen to anybody. These percentages mostly happen when the internal factors work.But, if any of the pregnant women do not take a good basic pregnancy care, then the external reasons can create a mishap.

Premature birth:
Premature birth can be a legitimate concern. But worrying about this before birth can be too dangerous because this concern can make you suffer from mental illnesses. You might get many Braxton hicks which are false pregnancy symptoms. This symptom can make you feel panic all the time. So, this can lead you to feel your baby can born anytime. Keep in touch with your doctor and ask if there is any chance of premature birth. If the doctors assure a risk-free factor, then do not need to worry about this. (Also Read: How to get relief from the pain during labour?)

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