Top Organic Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

It is advisable for pregnant ladies to consume organic food rather than having conventional food. Organic foods are free of any kind of pesticides and harmful chemical. That is why many doctors prefer to prescribe organic food to the mom-to-be. Though, you can always talk to your doctor or the nutritionist about your specific diet of organic food.
Other than that, we are sharing top organic foods for you which you can have during pregnancy and would be an absolute choice for you.

Go for Organic Potatoes:
While you are planning to switch to the organic vegetables, the first food you can opt for is potatoes. They are awesome to eat, to cook and to digest. In India, onion and potatoes are the best selling vegetables. There are hardly few regular cooking food items which are being made without potatoes. Conventional potatoes are usually preserved with lots of pesticides and medications for hybrid genres. Do not forget to eat the peels of potatoes. Peels contain the most portion of Potassium and Vitamin C which you can not afford to lose.

Step-by-step guide to bath a newborn baby with careThe master of all drink, Milk:
You should drink milk every day. It might give you a bit acidic reflex in your system especially because of your pregnancy. But there are a lot of benefits which you and your baby will get from milk. So, switching to organic milk is a good decision for you. The cows from organic farms are out of antibiotics, artificial hormones or pesticides to produce milk. This milk is even rich with omega-3 and beta-carotene which are good for both of you.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away:
When you are planning to go for organic fruit, apple is your best choice. Organic apples have higher nutrient levels and taste better than the conventional apples. It is high in nutrients because the organic farms are free from pesticides and chemicals, which the conventional apples are full off. But organic apples contain best of Vitamin A, C, a lot of fibre. That is why it is better for you to switch to organic apples.

Organic Soy:
Food processed by organic whole soybeans is magically beneficial. Therefore, if you are willing to eat organic whole soybeans, make sure you read the labels of the processed food whether it is made by organic soy or not. Organic Soy is safe and healthy for a pregnant lady as well as her baby.

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