Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

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If you’re pregnant, your ligaments will be loosened and your joints will become unstable. In this situation, lifting any object from the floor can be harmful to you and your baby. However, lifting anything lighter than 20 pounds would not hamper your health. But, objects heavier than 20 pounds are prohibited from lifting during pregnancy.

It is easy to strain your back and ligaments when carrying extra weight during pregnancy which can make you more susceptible to injury. However, there are times when lifting items are necessary but it is important to know how to do it properly.

Let us know the proper steps to lift any objects during pregnancy. Hope this helps you.
Before the week 24th, it is fine to carry up to 20 kilos of weight. Although,  if there is any necessity then only carry objects. Otherwise, try to avoid carrying things as it might harm your body and baby. After week 24th, you have to minimise the weight amount to 10 kilos. But after the 30th week, you should not lift any objects whether it is 10 kilos or 5 kilos.

Step 1:

Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

Come as close as you can come to the object. If the object is loaded with many single things together then divide the load into two or three parts. This extra effort can save you from having back pain or spine sprain. Try to put the divided object into a bag with handle. These handles will help you to move the object from one place to another.

Step 2:
Position yourself very close to the object. Make space between two of your legs depending on the width of it and then position them parallel to one another. This would help you to approach the object better and would not harm your core muscles where your baby is kept.

Step 3:

Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy

Now do not bend your spine at any cost. No matter which position you have chosen to prepare yourself, your back should be straight. Your back is vulnerable. A hormone called relaxin produces this time. Particularly early on your pregnancy. This hormone is responsible for the flexibility of your tissues at the pelvic area which helps in delivery.

Step 4:

After positioning down, get a strong grip on the object. Try not to make the grip loose, it would again make you collect all the things. Make your legs arms flex a bit to pull the object up. You should move your legs more to make the position comfortable. Now slowly lift the object keeping it close to your body.

Please Note: These steps will help you to lift any object very easily during pregnancy. No worry, if the object is not heavier than 20 kgs it would not harm you or your baby. Do not try to put up objects on the top level. For example, he top of the cupboard or almirah etc.

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