Tips for working women during pregnancy

Tips for working women during pregnancy

Life becomes super challenging for a working woman during her pregnancy days. Your body stops obeying you and makes you grant the commands from your irregular system. Hence, it becomes a bit trickier for you gradually. There is no harm if you have decided to work during these 9 months of struggle. But, you have to be more cautious compared to other times.

Do not worry you Mom-to-be! we have come up with some effective tips for you to help you balance both of your lives together and to make you feel good during working.

Tips for a pregnant woman during pregnancy:

1. You have to realise the limit of taking the stress. It is but natural to have some or the other kind of stress at every workplace. But it would be your responsibility to take the work pressure lightly. You are in the middle of a wonderful phase called pregnancy. Hence, make your and your baby’s life healthy by maintaining this.

2. Always carry snacks and small meals with you while you are in office. It is very important to have food at regular intervals during this time. As you are out of your house, you should not forget to take food and medicines on time. Remember, you have to have healthy snacks with you so that your stomach seem full everytime.

3. Do not engross yourself into seating and working continuously. Go for Small breaks after every 1 and half hours. Take short walks, stretch your limbs and arms. Also, try deep breathing and do shoulder exercises. It would make your body stay flexible and away from the swellings and sprains.

4. Arrange a small stool under your work table. Keep your feet over it while seating. This would keep you away from stretching the belly and legs. You would feel more comfortable and relaxed.

5. If you feel sleepy or stressed out, do not go for coffee or smoking. Caffeine and nicotine make your blood pressure go high. Rather go for tea or juice break. This would also not harm your baby’s health.

6. Always avoid climbing the stairs. Say no to all strenuous exercise at this stage. Hence, use the elevator because there is no point tiring yourself unnecessarily.

7. Always remember your baby need your support to stay healthy. Do not overload yourself with a lot of work. Try disseminating all your overloading works amongst your colleagues. Your body needs to rest and you can not help it.

8. Use a smooth vehicle while travelling to the office. Jumpy roads are not good for your baby. Drive by a car if possible and choose a jerkless way.

8. No bumpy rides, please. You are in a delicate stage of health and your little one does not like to be juggled a lot. Moreover, it might turn harmful for the baby.

9. Drink a lot. But only water and fresh juices! No hard drinks, please. Remain hydrated to avoid cramps and bouts of nausea. It also helps in flatulence.

10. Keep emergency number on your desk and in your bag as a precautionary measure.

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