Know what to expect during 38th week of pregnancy

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Know what to expect during 38th week of pregnancy

So now that you have stepped in the final stage of your pregnancy, you have to be extra cautious about your health and your baby’s well-being. You will notice many changes in your body and must be anxious about what’s coming next to you. Now you will feel decreased movements from the baby. This is because the baby is fully grown now and there is less space for it to move around inside the womb. (ALSO READ: Body changes and symptoms in 39th week of pregnancy)

Let’s have a look at what 38th week of pregnancy will be like:

Body changes and symptoms in 38th week of pregnancy
The 38th week is as important and crucial as the other passing weeks. You will witness your body still undergoing many changes. You will suffer through extreme pain in your back and lower abdomen. Swelling of body parts, especially feet is quite conventional during pregnancy, so don’t stress you. Now that the baby is moving into the birth canal, you will encounter severe pain and increased pressure on your pelvic muscles.

You will also witness the increased vaginal discharge or mucus discharge, as it is the time when cervix gets soften and is preparing itself for the delivery. It is mandatory that you keep yourself away from tension. As the increased tension obstructs the flow of adequate blood to the placenta and even restricts the supply of food to the baby. In case of any serious concern, consult your doctor without a delay. (ALSO READ: 37 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time)

Tips for the 38th week of pregnancy:
By this time, your doctor shall make you aware of the preliminary labor pains. It’s time when you should know about Braxton contractions and actual labor pain. There is a need to understand the difference between labour and prelabour pain. But in case of a complicated pregnancy, the doctor keeps a close watch at the fetus. You have to take complete and well-nourished diet for maintaining your good health. Involving yourself in light exercise or may be going for walk are healthy options to look out for. 

Development of the baby in 38th week of pregnancy
The baby will continue to grow if hasn’t born yet and must be weighing around 7 pounds. It’s the time when the baby is almost 20 inches in length and is ready to come in the new world. The baby by now must have turned his head on your pelvic bone. The organs of the baby must be working fine. Lanugo (hairy body covering) starts to shed and will continue till the baby takes birth.

Tear ducts start to form in the 38th week of pregnancy. The sexual organs of the baby are fully developed by now. If you do not want to determine the sex of the baby before birth, then you should resist taking a look at the ultrasound reports now.

Walking During Pregnancy is really good for you at this stage. As it is easy on your knees and ankles. The side-to-side sway of your hips during this waddling may ease your baby’s head into your pelvis.

Nutritious drinks such as fresh fruit juice like mango smoothies, tomato, and apple are advised. Snacks like baked banana chips, vegetable thepla, chicken tikka, gooseberry and carrot juice and beetroot salad are also good. (Also Read: 40 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week)

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