Body changes and symptoms during 36th week of pregnancy

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Body changes and symptoms during 36th week of pregnancy

Now that you are 36 weeks pregnant, your baby is due at any time. Usually, the baby takes birth between 37-40 weeks. This time try to be careful and visit your doctor to ensure that no complications are there. Your doctor will suggest you undergo Group B Streptococcus test done to find out if you are suffering from any bacterial infection which may infect the baby during the delivery. If any such infection is seen, it can be easily treated with antibiotics. (Also Read: 35th week of pregnancy: Know what to expect during this time)

Body changes and development in the 36th week of pregnancy:
By this time the pressure on the pelvic bones must be maximum as the baby is all set to come out and is awaiting the labour. The female body undergoes many problems during this time like urinary tract infection(UTI), constipation, restlessness, insomnia, haemorrhoids, body pains and much more. Though it’s a tough time but you will have to keep your calm to avoid any complications to your delivery. During this time problems of high blood pressure and high sugar level are some of the common problems. The frequent trips to washrooms will continue to prevail. You will also feel uneasy due to the problem of haemorrhoids.

Tips for the 36th week of pregnancy:
It’s time that you should finally prepare yourself to visit hospital any time now. You should be well prepared with you all the essentials you shall be requiring during and post delivery, so keep a bag handy. You have to communicate all your anxiety and feelings to your family and make them aware of your condition. Speaking with them shall make you feel lighter and will keep them informed. Including healthy food in a diet is necessary as you need maximum strength during this time.

Drinking plenty of water is very vital to keep the body hydrated. You may find it difficult during this time to carry out any physical activity.  So take a walk for around 30 minutes a day to remain active. It’s advisable to talk to your doctor in case you feel uneasiness and have a serious concern about it. (ALSO READ: Find out what happens during the 34th week of pregnancy)

Development of the baby in the 36th week:
In the 36th week of pregnancy, the growth of the baby is finally complete. The fat will keep on growing under the skin making the body parts like arms, legs, knees more fuller. By now the baby becomes 19 inches long and weighs around 6.5 pounds. As the baby has grown up in a big size by now making movements inside the womb must have become difficult. Almost all the organs of the baby are close to complete development and are functioning on their own.

Go ahead with low-intensity exercises, it will be helpful.

Many pregnant women experience acidity or heartburn and indigestion during this time. It happens because of the hormonal and physical changes in the body. Cutting out rich, fatty and spicy foods, chocolate, citrus fruits, and coffee are the remedies for this. Instead, have small, frequent meals, and take your time over your meals. (Also Read: 33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time)

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