Body changes and symptoms during 32nd week of pregnancy

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Body changes and symptoms during 32nd week of pregnancy

You are now on the 32nd week of your pregnancy and, it is your 8th month. Just a month away from holding a baby in your arms. Both you and your baby are almost ready to get a new life. You must have been exercising on a regular basis, this is the most important work you should do during this time. Your diet should be same. Give your muscles relaxation and most importantly visit your doctor. This is almost the ending of your pregnancy trouble. Your doctor should be with you for every small change. Stay healthy to deliver safely. (Also Read: 33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time)

Symptoms and changes:
You have gained a lot of weight and now you might get the normal pregnancy symptoms. Gastric problems, insomnia, vaginal discharge, constipation, muscles pains, nausea, stretch mark etc. The baby has moved toward the pelvis because he also knows the time is close to coming outside. Your blood pressure has increased. Your uterus is now pushing diaphragm and stomach. Sometimes you get a shortage of breath as a consequence. You can take smaller meals and use a pillow underneath your knees would helpful for you. You might get lower back pain, just a hot water bag would provide you a relief.

Development of the baby:
Your baby has grown in more few inches. This time usually the babies stay upside down. If your baby has not yet turned his head yet, it is absolutely fine. In next 5 week, he will do it on his own. But if your baby does not even the head of delivery then the doctors have to deliver it via C- Section. The baby is now sleeping almost 20-40 minutes at a time. Your baby’s weight is now 1.30 kg and is about more than 16 inches long. The baby is taking a lot of space in your uterus. Your baby’s skin is now getting soft and smooth. The brain has developed. This signifies that the baby is now getting ready to come out.  (Also Read: 31 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week)

Some tips on your 32nd week of pregnancy:
You can get some false signs of labor. This happens because of your anxiety level, which is higher now. This problem is known as Braxton Hicks. Therefore, try changing your sleeping positions now. You might face many discomforts. Try taking warm water bath to get rid of these problems. Use hot water bags on your muscles pains. Especially on your lower back and legs. Ask your doctors if you are feeling any types of physical irregularities. Wait patiently and count your few last days of your pregnancy. 

During the 32nd week of pregnancy, women carry a lot of tension which would cause a pain in their neck. So, they are advised to do simple stretches to loosen muscles so that both their mind and body get relaxed at the same time. Start by tilting your head to one side, without raising your shoulders. Hold for three seconds and exhale. Repeat on the other side.

Foods high in iron such as red meats, liver, dried beans, dried fruits, leafy green vegetables, peanut butter, eggs and fortified dry cereal are advised to for pregnant in their 32 weeks as they increase the hemoglobin level. As you need 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day during this stage, milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, kale, Chinese cabbage, spinach, fortified cereal and fortified tofu are good sources of calcium. (Also read: 30 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time)

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