40 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week

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40 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week

Expecting mothers, this is the final week of your pregnancy so taking extra care about your health should be your main priority. Don’t take stress and try to relax. As you have been patient all this while, so the final week of last trimester should not make you weak. Your doctor will also be regularly monitoring your unborn baby’s movement and heartbeat, and will suggest an induction if there are any concerns. (ALSO READ: Know what to expect during 38th week of pregnancy)

Body changes and symptoms at the 40th week of pregnancy:

During this final phase of pregnancy, you must be feeling restless due to so much body weight and uneasiness. Undergoing body pain is normal phenomenon during this time, so don’t take the stress. Take proper rest and don’t plan a day long’s activity that strains your body. Engaging in physical exercise is a healthy option, nothing could be as great as going for morning or evening walk. You will feel pressure from inside as your baby is grown up and is left with almost minimal space to make the movements.

And now you might feel that the baby isn’t making much movement inside. All this happen due to the lack of space available inside your womb. You will come across Braxton contractions (false contractions). This happens because of the internal pressure on your bladder and abdomen. You must be coming across the leaking of colostrum fluid (milk like fluid from breasts), this is a normal symptom as the breasts are growing and are getting ready to feed the child. (ALSO READ: Body changes and symptoms in 39th week of pregnancy)

Tips for pregnancy in the 40th week:
You have to be cautious of what you do during this time. As 40th week marks the final time of your baby’s arrival, you should try to relax and be comfortable in your position, no matter how tough it might be.

Engage yourself in planning the arrival of the baby rather than being anxious about the same. You might not feel like taking up any exercise during this time, due to precautionary nature, but it is advisable to be active and take up light exercise. It is the safest option to keep your family members well informed about your condition and try to be around them, just in case of emergency you won’t be alone. Be vocal about your feelings to your partner, no will understand you better than he could at this point of time.

Development of the baby during the 40th week:
Brain and lungs are two organs of baby’s body that come into proper functioning after birth. These are such organs that will continue the process of development even after the birth, rest all other organs are close to perfection by now.

The baby must be around 10 pounds and 21 inches long now. The skull of the baby remains soft till the delivery, rest all other bones have hardened by now. The baby must be requiring space to make movements which will lead to increased pain and pressure to your body.

Doctors advise certain exercises in order to comfort and bring ease to your pregnancy.

For the food part, you could try eating a spicy curry to bring on labour. Although spicy foods can cause heartburn and acidity. Spicy food may irritate your bowel movement, leaving you with an upset stomach.

You can also try fresh pineapple as it contains the enzyme bromelain. It helps to soften the cervix. (ALSO READ: 37 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time)

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