37 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time

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37 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time

The beginning of the 37th week marks the beginning of the final phase of your pregnancy, the ninth month. Stepping in the ninth month of pregnancy brings a heavy load of stress and responsibility for you. While on one hand, you must be feeling impatient to experience the wonderful feeling of having your baby right in front of you. (Also Read:Know what to expect during 38th week of pregnancy)

During this time your body is extra sensitive and you might catch certain infections, therefore just to make sure, your doctor will advise you to get the Group B Streptococcus test done. It is a kind of bacterial infection in or around the area of vagina or rectum. It should be ensured that it doesn’t harm baby while the delivery otherwise it may result in serious health condition, though antibiotic treatment for the same is available.

Body changes and symptoms in the 37th week of pregnancy:
You must be feeling the pain in the pelvic bones due to the extreme pressure as the baby rests on them as his pillow. Your body weight will continue to increase and you might feel trouble in carrying the huge baby bulge. Along with the weight, the breast size too grows in size and are fuller with milk. You might start feeling the leakage of colostrum from your breasts, suggesting their preparation to feed the baby. You will also come across stretch marks around your breasts, waist, hip area, don’t panic it’s normal. However, your body will continue with the series of pain as you are close to the climax. You have to handle your emotions as they will continue to grow. (ALSO READ: Body changes and symptoms in 39th week of pregnancy)

Tips for the 37th week:
It’s the final phase, so try to relax as much as you can. Take breaks in between your hectic schedule. It’s also recommendable to not burden and over stress yourself. Your left side should be your relaxing state. You can continue taking up light exercises as it will keep you active and make your delivery easier.

It is advisable that more than anything else, you should take care of your diet. A complete nourished diet with lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables in it should be your priority.

Remember all you mom-to-be, you have to be prepare for the labour pains and the childbirth now. Therefore, you have to make necessary arrangements and be handy with your preparations for the delivery time. You need to talk to your doctor about the emergency conditions and what to do if your water breaks. Avoid any panics and anxiety that you must be going on in your mind, it isn’t healthy for both of you.
You might see a little blood coming out with vaginal discharge, there is nothing to panic about the same, it’s quite normal. This is a sign of approaching labor and delivery time.

You will be facing Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor pains) during this time and the frequency must be higher. There will be a feeling of baby dropping this will reduce the pressure in your pelvis and bladder. The baby is actually making space and is moving downward for the delivery.

Development of the baby in the 37th week:
The baby weighs around 7 pounds now and is almost around 19 inches long. The baby becomes rounder by the day. The skin is fast losing its wrinkled appearance and the skin color is becoming pinker. The baby is breathing very well by now. The baby’s development is nearly fully completed.The growth of hair entirely depends upon the genes, yet the growth of hair continues.

A ball exercise would be very useful for a good pregnancy. It is a safe and effective tool for strengthening your core muscles during pregnancy and it can also provide welcome relaxation and physical relief during pregnancy and labor.

Diet advises:
Having food rich with calcium is essential for building strong bones and teeth; maintaining muscle function, helping blood clot; and maintaining nerve function. It is an important mineral because your baby will get all of their nutrition from your breast milk. Milk, Cheddar, cheese, low-fat yogurt are some such foods. (Also Read: 40 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week)

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