35th week of pregnancy: Know what to expect during this time

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35th week of pregnancy: Know what to expect during this time

Now that you are on the 35th week of pregnancy, you might feel a kind of anxiety of delivering the baby at any time. This anxiety is quite common at this stage. But consulting your doctor regular on a time span is the must thing you have to do. All tests should be done earlier. Now you may start noticing a tingling sensation or numbness in the pelvis region due to the pressure of the baby on the nerves. (ALSO READ: Find out what happens during the 34th week of pregnancy)

Symptoms and the changes:

35th to 40th week of pregnancy is considered to be the last week of pregnancy. You must have gained a huge weight of 11-14 kilo grams. Your uterus is now almost 6 inches of out outrage to your belly button. Your baby is now in the up-side down position in your pelvis. For that, your ribs, lungs, and chest get free from the immense pressure, but this lends the pressure to your bladder. This is the reason you urinate a lot this time. Your back pain may become unbearable this time because of the weight of the baby. Pelvic pain, thy muscles pain are quite common this time. Your uterus is now huge in size. There would be gastric problems more often. It would continue till you do not deliver.

Development of the baby:

Your baby is looking like a newborn inside your womb. The baby has got fluffy eyes, small ear, and nose; and his lips are even clearly shown. He must me of 18 inches and weight is almost 6 pounds. His developments are almost complete and he has been poking your badly with his kicks and punches for the last six to seven weeks. This might would let you think, you are the mother of a Marshal-Art champion. The kidneys are fully matured. In the 3D ultrasound, you can see your baby has grown few lines of hair on his bald head. He is almost ready to come out. (Also Read: 33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time)

Some tips on your 35th weeks of pregnancy:

Now you might face different physical difficulties. Your baby might take few more days to be ready to come out. The delivery might exceed to 40th week also. Just hold the suffering for few more days. There is nothing about panicking. Do not stop in taking the huge amount of fluid. Whenever you lie down, put a pillow underneath your knees, it would not stretch out your baby bump. Pelvic tits are other arm and leg exercise is much important for you before going to sleep. Your doctor might have described you that various few hand workouts. Try relaxing at your best. Do not roam around a lot. At this stage, you need to rest much. Apart from all, do not feel embarrassed of your increasing weight. For this weight, your baby is safe and healthy staying at your womb. We know that you are a responsible mother.


This is the time you should be doing kegel exercises, this helps you to make your pelvic muscles hard which is beneficial to bear the increasing amount of pressure while delivering the baby. This time you car try yoga and pilates as well apart from low-intensity cardiovascular exercise to gain strength.


As protein is important to a baby’s overall development, especially her brain, selecting foods rich with protein is a must, this may include almonds, lean poultry, lean beef, low-mercury fish and dairy foods, including cheese, milk, and yogurt. Include at least one protein source, such as low-fat cheese or peanut butter, in each meal and snack to promote fetal growth. (Also Read: Body changes and symptoms during 32nd week of pregnancy)

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