Find out what happens during the 34th week of pregnancy

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Find out what happens during the 34th week of pregnancy

This is your 34th week of pregnancy and the baby may arrive in the next 1-2 weeks. You must be feeling happy now, but besides that, you must be feeling a little uncomfortable. Do not miss even a single time to meet your doctor. It is the most critical time for you. The baby will be kicking and moving quite frequently by now causing the acidity level to rise in your stomach.You might feel the belly button become bigger and extremely sensitive. (Also Read: 33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time)

Symptoms and the changes on the 34th week of pregnancy:
During the 34th week, your uterus has now moved to more that 5 inches down to your belly button. Your belly button has moved a bit out these days. You did not have this before. Some of you might felt heartburn at this time.

This is an another common symptom. Your doctor would help you about this if you can not resist that. You may get swellings on your hands, legs, face, ankles and wrist. This time there would be chances of having Pre-eclampsia. This happens due to water retention. So, if you get a headache, dizziness, pain in your abdomen along with the swellings, you might have developed this problem. Drink a lot of water to get rid of this problem. Drinking less can worsen the problem which would not be good for your baby. (Also Read: Body changes and symptoms during 32nd week of pregnancy)

Development of the baby on the 34th week of pregnancy:
Your little bundle of joy is growing faster. He or she is not 5 pounds in weight and 16-17 inches long. Most of the organs are now fully mature. The lungs are still maturing. You can see the facial features of your baby through 3D Ultrasound. The features are so prominent now.

The fatty cells are still developing under the skin. Which makes your baby look healthy. He or she now might look a bit plumper. The baby would continue to grow till 40th weeks. Although the delivery weeks are not fixed. It varies on your physical ability and your baby’s growth. The funny thing is you can realise your baby’s hiccups time to time.

Tips for you at the 34th week of pregnancy:
If your heartburn problem is appearing quite often, try having six or seven small meals in a day. Having two or three meals can create acidity inside you. However, you can consult your doctor about this. I hope you have been wearing loose comfortable clothes this day. This would help your body to breath as your entire body is in quite a discomfort.

Do not wear heels because it would create pressure on your feet and moreover, there are chances of falling down anytime. Try to divert your mind from the discomfort. Ask your friends to come down to your place, talk to them. Eat healthy food, watch movies, listen to music. Sleeping is a difficult task for you this time but you can keep side pillows in three of your sides. This would be a good stand for your feet while sleeping.

Babies need to be given vitamin K to help their blood to clot. You can get plenty of vitamin K from foods such as green leafy vegetables, cantaloupe melon, cauliflower, green beans, vegetable oil, cereals, wholemeal bread and pasta at this stage.

Strength training and toning exercises for women at this stage of pregnancy. Biceps exercise is one such as the mom needs to carry her heavy baby in one arm. (Also Read: 35th week of pregnancy: Know what to expect during this time)

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