33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time

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33 weeks pregnant: Know what to expect during this time

During your 33rd week of pregnancy, you start getting different symptoms. Now doctor’s check up is the most important part. This time is difficult for you. The baby will now be fattening up for survival outside the womb. The fatty deposit makes him plumper and healthier looking. You need to eat well for the rest of the pregnancy. With a quite big womb, you must be leading a tough life. But trust me, this difficulty would be nothing when you will hold your child in your arms. (Also Read: 31 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this week)

Symptoms and the changes:

Now in the 33rd week, you are gaining close to half a kilogram every week that is why your waistline is still growing.  But if you are not gaining much weight then do not worry. Talk to your doctor about it and she will definitely help you. If you are feeling Insomniac then it is absolutely fine. It is a common symptom at this point of time. You and your baby both are struggling to find out common ground in the resting department. Do not worry, it would be your practice for babysitting at night. Generally, the baby would not sleep at night and you may now feel baby’s kicks every hour. You might feel 10 kicks per hour now and it more like 10 kicks every two hours. But now you would be learning new ways of walking, sitting and standing with your cute little belly.

The growth of your baby:

Your baby is now about 2 to 2.27 kgs by this 33rd week of pregnancy. The baby is almost 17 inches in length. There are fatty layers inside your baby’s skin is growing. All bones are preparing and hardening one by one. Only the skull does not harden this time because after the birth baby’s head still rise and takes a shape. The baby is in the head-down position this time. (Also read: 30 weeks pregnant: Know what happens during this time)

But if he or she is not, then do not worry may be your baby needs some more time to take around. Practicing yoga may help your baby to move upside down. As the lungs are maturing, your baby is practicing the breathing system. She is inhaling fluid to the lungs for making it a habit after birth. Now your baby’s punches and kicks are painful for you. She is growing. It is a symptom.

Some tips for you at your 33rd week of pregnancy:

When you are relaxing this time, try to avoid lying your back. This reduces blood circulation to your uterus. Also, it will make you feel light headed. This is because of heavy uterus compresses your blood vessels. Your blood pressure will drop a little. Try lying on your left side. This will be beneficial for you. Bur can move to your other side while sleeping. This will help you to flow better blood at your uterus. It is better to use a pregnancy pillow. Proper diet and exercise are very important at this stage. Some of you may experience numbness in arms and feet. Your doctor would help you in this.


As pelvis is crucial to a smooth pregnancy and delivery it is necessary to treat it well. To strengthen your pelvis is to do pelvic tilt exercises regularly. This can strengthen your abs, soothe backaches during pregnancy and labor, improve posture, and ease delivery.


Women at this stage are advised to avoid fatty or spicy foods, chocolate, citrus fruits, fruit juice, and coffee to get away from heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy. Normally this happens due to the hormonal and physical changes that are happening in your body. They should have small, frequent meals, and eat slowly and have small mouthfuls, and chew your food well. (Also Read: Body changes and symptoms during 32nd week of pregnancy)

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