Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly

Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly

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Taking a pregnancy test at home is the easiest and quickest way to know whether you are pregnant or not. Though the test is easy, it still involves a lot of emotional turmoil and fear. The pregnancy test at home provides accurate results when done under ideal circumstances.

Keep in mind the following tips before you take up a pregnancy test:

First Morning Urine is Reliable: Take up the first-morning urine for a pregnancy test if you want accurate test results. Early morning urine consists of hormones that suggest whether you are really pregnant or not. If you have not urinated for past 4-5 hours, then it is also suitable to take a pregnancy test.

Be hands on with instructions on the kit: No matter if you have used a pregnancy kit earlier as well. A lot of things go inside our mind while taking up the test, that we usually miss out on the basics. It is very important to read the instructions carefully before you take up a pregnancy test.

Don’t take the test too early: Skipping your period and taking a pregnancy test immediately is not a solution. Even pregnancy takes the time to give its early signs. Wait for at least 2-3 days before you are sure enough that you might have conceived. It may turn up negative at early stage sometimes even though you are pregnant!

Note the time: It is necessary that we keep a record of the time and don’t go for approximations. Always carry your watch or mobile phone along with you to notice the time required to get the result. Don’t rely on what it says after a particular period of time as it gets expired.

It’s okay to collect your urine in a cup: If you can’t hold on the test strip onto your urine stream don’t get dishearten or panic. You can easily collect your urine in a cup and put the strip into the urine to ensure the test is done properly.

In the case of doubt call the toll free number: If you are in the middle of some doubt about the reliability or any confusion regarding the test then call the toll free number given on the kit. It is just to resolve your issues and help you out in the best way possible. Don’t be hesitant to call them and inquire about the things bothering you. There will be experts or nurses who will resolve your queries in the best way possible!

Once you come out with your pregnancy result, we would still recommend you to consult a doctor. Ensuring is always good that there are no shortfalls to what you have found out as these kits are not 100% reliable. A doctor’s help is the best solution to every problem. Don’t be afraid to see one in the case of any doubts.

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