Why It Is Important To Take Thyroid Test During Pregnancy

Why It Is Important To Take Thyroid Test During Pregnancy

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located at the base of the neck which produces thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormones are responsible to regulate the metabolic rate, influence protein synthesis and development. It is important to take up thyroid test during pregnancy because the hormone thyroid helps in the development of the unborn child.

The small gland can affect the body’s weight, mood, development, heart rate and temperature tremendously. Hence, a proper check up is necessary to diagnose the rise or fall of the level of thyroid hormone. The thyroid test does not concern many because the symptoms are not chronic. However, it becomes mandated to opt for this test during the phase of pregnancy as the same play a major hormonal role in the functioning of the expecting mother’s body.

There are two conditions of the thyroid: Hyperthyroidism (rise in the level of thyroid hormone) and Hypothyroidism (fall in the level of thyroid hormone). The change in the thyroid level can lead to weight loss or gain, constipation, fatigue, sensitivity to cold, joint pain and reduced libido. When pregnant, the thyroid hormone helps in the brain development of your child. Thus, any change in the level can pose a serious risk to your child’s health. There are other risk factors like premature birth, lower birth rate and other pregnancy complications which you can go through. Therefore, going for the thyroid test before planning for pregnancy or once you have conceived becomes necessary.

The family history of someone suffering from thyroid hormone disbalance also plays a major role. Women who have the family history may tend to suffer from the same. Hence, it becomes necessary for these women to undergo thyroid test before pregnancy to avoid any birth complications. The females who suffer from thyroid also find it difficult to conceive. Hence, proper medication is utmost necessary.

Therefore, it is important to go for the thyroid test before conceiving or once you are pregnant. After the diagnosis, a proper treatment is given for the healthy delivery of your child.

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