How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste

How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste

A pregnancy test can be done at home only. But this is not about the home pregnancy kit but about home made pregnancy kit. Before rushing to the medicine shop, you should opt for a pregnancy test at home with home ingredients too. It will be free of cost and natural. One of the most popular home-made pregnancy ingredients is tooth paste. Many women prefer to initiate the pregnancy test with a tooth paste. Try taking a toothpaste which is white in colour. This will help you to get more accurate result. (Also Read: Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly)

How accurate a tooth paste pregnancy test is:
There is no guarantee that this pregnancy text will only show you the accurate result. This method is not worldwide scientifically acclaimed. Just remember you are using alternatives to a medical pregnancy test. Moreover, if you are using the toothpaste which is not white in colour, then the chances of accuracy will be less. Even if you are taking the toothpaste on a dirty plate or cup, then also the accuracy will be reduced.

Ingredients needed to test the pregnancy:
Toothpaste pregnancy does not need much product altogether. You will be needing only three things. First of all, you need a white toothpaste of course. A clean and possible white plate or cup. And you have to collect your urine sample. (Also Read: What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test)

How To try the method:
You have to take a white toothpaste and have to spread it on a clean and possibly white plate or cup. Now you have to place few drops of the urine sample into the plate or cup. After that wait for just 10 minutes. If you are pregnant, the colour of the toothpaste would be changed. And if you are not pregnant the things will be vice-versa. The chemical makeup of the paste interacts with a pregnant woman’s urine to cause this noted change. It is as simple as any other medical home pregnancy kit. Here you should try to collect your first urine of the day, that means you have to test this in the morning. This will help you to get the right information. (Also Read: Helpful Home-Made Pregnancy Tests To Confirm Pregnancy)

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