How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests

How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests

Most of the pregnancy kit manufacturer claims that these kits are accurate almost 98 percent. But if you are using a home pregnancy kit in a wrong way the accuracy would be automatically less. Moreover, if you use the expired kit or keep the product exposed to the sun, then there would be chances of failure. You always have to read the instructions written on the back side of the packet. Other than that, these home made tests are usually accurate without these mentioned problems. (Also Read: How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste)

How accurate are these pregnancy tests?
When you are pregnant, there are sudden hormonal changes happens in your body. Home pregnancy tests work upon the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the pee. This hormone grows a bit more than usual and that is why the pregnancy kit reacts on the hormone to let you know the good news. That is why pregnancy tests always require your pee sample.

While doing the test, make sure that the pee sample you are collecting is the morning first pee before eating anything. That is why you have to do the test in the morning. But, by chance, if you have missed the time to do the test, there is another way you can follow. You just have to wait for few hours between bathroom breaks. This makes your bladder stay full. Make sure you are not drinking any large amount of liquid before the test. This dilutes the hormone amount on the extra water solution. That’s the reason you may get an inaccurate result of your pregnancy test. (Also Read: What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test)

If you get a positive answer by the kit, you should call your doctor immediately. Your doctor would tell you the final result and the growth of the pregnancy. It may be possible the doctor deny your pregnancy. If you make sure you can do the pregnancy test twice or twice with three different products and different brands. But make sure you will do the right method to text the pregnancy. It is possible to show you a wrong result once. But it is not possible to show the wrong answer twice or thrice. That is why right method and timing is very much important.

If you get a negative result on the pregnancy test, but still you are doubtful rather not having periods on time, test again. This will help you to be sure about the result. Initially, the Levels of hCG can be very low during pregnancy, and the test you used may not be sensitive enough to detect hCG. (Also Read: Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly)

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