Why you cannot rely on a home based pregnancy test

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Why you cannot rely on a home based pregnancy test

Many women think that home-based pregnancy tests are a wonderful and easy way to confirm your pregnancy at the home itself. However, not many women think of the fact that how smart decision is it to rely on the pregnancy itself. It is important to visit the gynaecologist before start believing the information provided by the pregnancy test kit. Women prefer the pregnancy test kits as they help them to prevent the secrecy and the comfort of their own home. However, it is certainly a misguided step to depend on the aid of the pregnancy test kit at home only as there are plenty of things that can influence the accurate result. (Also Read: How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste)

Not following the instruction
Every set of home-based pregnancy test is based on few guideline to follow. Most women tend to ignore the instruction thinking that they know it better. However, it is important to carefully read and follow the instruction before starting the test.

Not reading the result at once
It is never a good idea to hold off checking the result of the test. When you wait too long, the lines appear dark and this leads to a false assumption of pregnancy.

Early test might not detect pregnancy
The pregnancy test kit depends on Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is found in the pregnant woman’s body. However, if you test early for pregnancy you might not get the right result.  (Also Read: What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test)

False results
When you opt for a home-based pregnancy test you run the risk of getting a false result with can either elate you or hurt you.

Medical condition and medication
When a woman is dealing with the certain medical condition, it might have an impact on her hormones. Same is the case when a woman is taking medication for some health issue. In both cases, the condition of the women has a direct impact on the pregnancy test. So, it might give you a false result.

The test may be expired
This is something no one really checks for. However, sometimes an age-old pregnancy test kit can give you a false result.  (Also Read: Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly)

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