Pregnancy Test

Why you cannot rely on a home based pregnancy test

Why you cannot rely on a home based pregnancy test

Not many women know that if you test early for pregnancy you might not get the right result. It is important to visit the gynaecologist before start believing the information provided by the pregnancy test kit.

How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests

How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests

If you are using a home pregnancy kit in a wrong way the accuracy would be automatically less. Moreover, if you use the expired kit or keep the product exposed to the sun, then there would be chances of failure. You always have to read the instructions written on the back side of the packet.

How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste

How To Test Your Pregnancy With A Toothpaste

Before rushing to the nearest medicine shop, you should test your pregnancy with home ingredients too. It will be free of cost and natural. One of the most popular home-made pregnancy ingredients is tooth paste. Many women prefer to initiate the pregnancy test with a tooth paste.

What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test

What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test

The missing period is not the single time you should go for a pregnancy test, but there are various other factors can make you pregnant. Few of the situations definitely call for a pregnancy test. So, you should be always aware of those facts and symptoms which indicate you to go for pregnancy test.

What Are The Two Types Of Pregnancy Tests

What Are The Two Types Of Pregnancy Tests

There are two types of pregnancy tests, one is qualitative and other is quantitative. Multiple blood tests help to track the hCG and get better results of pregnancy. And the blood test is a sensitive way to detect pregnancy.

Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly

Tips for taking pregnancy test correctly

The pregnancy test at home provides accurate results when done under ideal circumstances. Moreover, it involves a lot of emotional turmoil and fear but a doctor’s help in any doubt is the best solution to every problem.