When do pregnancy symptoms start after conception

When do pregnancy symptoms start beginning

You must be thinking that when would your pregnancy symptoms will begin? If you have already conceived, then you are not far from all the annoying, embarrassing symptoms. Everybody has a different body structure and system. Hence, there is no specific time of appearing the symptoms. You may get the symptoms on the day of conceiving or it may take time, near about one or two months. If you do not get the symptoms after two months, do not worry, the fetus may take another one month to get mature and show you the symptoms. (Also Read: What Does Snoring Mean To A Pregnant Lady)

When you are trying to conceive and your egg gets fertilised. It gets attached to the uterus. And your body starts producing hCG hormone. All these happen almost after 10-15 days of conception. This hCG hormone will be produced during your pregnancy period throughout but this production will be stopped near about 11th week of your pregnancy. This is the average time for the symptoms to appear in a woman’s body.

What are the early symptoms of pregnancy:
As we have already mentioned that there is no particular time to get the pregnancy symptoms. It varies from person to person. But many women get confused in between the regular health issue symptoms with the pregnancy symptoms. Every time vomiting doesn’t mean morning sickness. So, when you feel that you are having these following early pregnancy symptoms, you should consult with your doctor. These symptoms are:
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Sensitive breasts
Missing period
Morning sickness which appears any time, not only in the morning.
Heartburn, acidity, acid reflux, etc.
Unexpected fatigue

What to expect this time:
Pregnancy symptoms usually occur during the first semester. If it is more than 3 months but still you haven’t experienced any of the symptoms, this is the time you have to worry. Talk to your doctor about it and get the right solution. But if you are within first three months of conception, You can expect many of these symptoms to come in between first and second trimester at most. After conceiving you may experience a few mood swings problems.

It is going to be a thrilling time for you. You will start realising the hormonal changes in your body which can be worse than getting all these symptoms. You may start disliking your favourite things, you may feel like munching on junk foods, chocolates, etc. But after having all these you may get morning sicknesses right after. You may take advises from any of your female family member who has already experienced pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms are almost same for every woman. So, do not worry! Have a happy pregnancy. (Also Read: What Are The Effective Homely Tips To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness)

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