What Leads To Missed Periods But Results In Negative Pregnancy Test

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What Leads To Missed Periods But Negative Pregnancy Test

Have you missed your periods? Before thinking about anything else, it is natural that women first think about their pregnancy who are sexually active with their partners. But, if the pregnancy test results are negative, there may some alarming signs your body wants to tell you. A woman’s menstrual cycle goes through a lot of complications. It is said that a menstruation circle is the most mysterious thing which only a woman’s body understand. You can have a delayed period. You may miss it for an entire month. But it is not necessarily happening because of your pregnancy. Hence, let us have a look at the causes of missing periods even if the pregnancy test is negative. (Also Read: What Are The Important Aspects To Know About Pregnancy Heart Rate)

Certain Lifestyle factors:
There are many lifestyle factors can make you miss your periods. We have mentioned before that menstrual circle goes through a lot of complication. Lifestyle factor is one of these complications. Are you stressed out? Make sure your heart rate and mental health are well. Otherwise, this comes on the most important factor s of a disturbed lifestyle. Other than that, high amount of alcohol consumption, smoking and sleeping disorder can affect your period circle too. Moreover, sudden lifestyle changes, overnight shifts and mental trauma can also lead you to this conclusion.

Because of the Ectopic pregnancy:
Although this happens rarely, by it is important to mention about this. Ectopic pregnancy is something which shows that you are not pregnant. This happens in less than 3 percent of ectopic pregnancies. You may need some deliberate medical treatments if your pregnancy test is negative but your body is still showing the symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms are mentioned below: (Also Read: When do pregnancy symptoms start after conception)

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness which comes with some sort of morning sickness.
  • Pain in the lower abdominal and both the sides.
  • Spotting
  • Nausea and vomiting

If you are breastfeeding then there is a chance that you may miss your periods. It causes irregularity too. Not every woman faces this problem, but yes, it is a common problem to the new mother who is nursing her baby. This happens because you were not menstruation for almost 9 months during your pregnancy. So, it is natural that right after completing your pregnancy there might be a chance to miss your periods again. Moreover, when you breastfeed, your body’s important nutrients and liquids get sucked. So, you don’t get timely periods.

Please Note: It is possible that you may miss your periods. Do not panic. First, check with your doctor about the reasons. Even if you have to check your pregnancy at home, still, go the doctor and confirm about this. Home pregnancy tests are not 100 percent authentic. So, it as always better to be sure with the doctor. Moreover, apart from these mentioned problems, there may be other problems that you are carrying. Wish you have a safe and healthy life. (Also Read: What Does Snoring Mean To A Pregnant Lady)

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