What Does Snoring Mean To A Pregnant Lady

What Does Snoring Mean To A Pregnant Lady

When a woman snores, the possible reasons are weight gain and pregnancy. So, during pregnancy, many women snore while sleeping. Studies say that women snore much lesser than men. Most of the time, it is visible that those women who never snored, have an increased tendency to snore after pregnancy. That is why they think that it may be a reason of any physical inabilities or complications during pregnancy. The increasing level of estrogen during pregnancy creates so many weird symptoms. Snoring is one of these symptoms. Hence, let us have a look at this in details and get to know what does snoring signify to a pregnant woman. (Also Read: What Is Braxton Hicks Contraction During Pregnancy)

Pregnancy weight:
As it is already mentioned that weight gain during pregnancy and snoring both are inter-linked. It is natural that during pregnancy women gains weight. Hence, snoring happens automatically. This clearly says that the woman who snores has a tendency in higher weight gain prior to becoming pregnant. Moreover, pregnant women have higher neck circumference. This becomes a little more than those who do not snore.

Narrow airways:
When a woman gets pregnant, her upper airways become narrower. So, this narrow air pass becomes more intense when she awakes. But these airways are usually revealing. A pregnant woman never suffers any problem when she is awake. It does not even create any problem when the woman sleeps, but it pressurises the air pressure and the sound comes like snoring. The systolic blood pressure in a pregnant woman increases as the airways get narrower. As a result, snoring happens. (Also Read: What Are The Effective Homely Tips To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness)

Blood pressure:
A pregnant woman starts snoring because of the blood pressure changes in the body. The amount of blood suddenly increases during pregnancy and not only this, the blood vessels also get expanded too. So, when this happens, the nasal membranes get swollen which apparently causes snoring.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea:
This as a medical condition through which a pregnant lady snores. This health issue causes abnormal disturbances in breathing during pregnancy. Not only this, OSA has an association with preeclampsia and gestational hypertension too. Hence, this problem causes snoring in a pregnant woman. (Also Read: Is it normal to have white discharge during pregnancy)

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